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The human / living statue generates a great deal of interest among viewers. An audience gathers round and wonders if they are looking at a real statue because of the investment in the details, décor and accuracy in the costume.  Acts at Human Statues Michelle Tam, are at an international level. A good performance thrills the heart (especially when the statue suddenly moves), elicits a million smiles and appreciation for the special moment woven between the actor and the viewer.

The human / living statue is an act that performs with little motion, it moves when it is given a token of appreciation in the hat (tip box) standing next to it.

The high quality of the act, the work of the actor, the costume, the look, a sudden wink…. The high quality costume and actor's gestures are mesmerizing.

The statue is booked to add value to the event, and at the same time, the actor receives an "audience infusion" - filling their own heart and recharging with energies of audience appreciation.

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Face Painting and fun go hand in hand. People of all ages love having their faces painted which makes Face Body Painting a perfect activity for children and adults at your event.

Our team of highly accomplished artists, headed by Michelle Tam, will paint and decorate faces and bodies, using an array of hand painted beautiful designs.

If there are going to be lots of guests you may want to consider hiring two or more face painting artists to avoid anyone missing out and getting disappointed. If you’re not sure about the requirements for your particular event, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to advise you.

Add a special touch to your event! 

Use your logo or special slogan with Face Painting!

Michelle can prepare custom made stencils ahead of time for face paint  or glitter tattoos.

This is a unique and fun way to remember you and/or your company.


Most people have, at one time or another, wanted a tattoo. Give your guests what they want at your next event. Airbrush tattoos are realistic-looking and last up to 5 days.

Using an airbrush gun, Michelle creates amazing artistic airbrush tattoos. They are a real treat for guests. Leaving the airbrush station, with an authentic looking tattoo that they dreamed of, without having to experience the pain and lifetime commitment of real tattoos. 

Your guests will walk around your venue smiling from ear to ear, showing off their tattoos to all.

The alcohol based paint is FDA and EU approved. It is used when special effects are needed at theater & movie sets. The colour is sprayed on without actually touching guest, so it may tickle a bit, but there is absolutely no pain involved. 

The Airbrush tattoos can also be used with custom made stencils prepared by Michelle Tam. Your logo or slogan can be airbrushed on staff as well as your guests. 

Airbrush tattoos are another unique and fun way to remember your event.

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Thinking of using your logo or slogan for greater impact at your event or party line?

Well, we have got you covered with that option too!

Michelle can make custom made stencils for airbrush or glitter tattoos.

Order your custom-made multiple use plastic stencil, or single use stickers, to be used by our Face Painting, Glitter or Airbrush stations.

All you need to do is supply us with a "vector file" of your logo or slogan and we will do the rest, to make your event that extra special.

It is a really cool out of the box option. An extra special touch to add to your event!

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